Néstor Grindetti: “With Bullrich and Macri we have the same imprint”

The pre-candidate for governor for the Province, Nestor Grindettiassured that “the economic policy of this government is increase the number of poor that depends on the gift of the State”. The proposals for the elections and the Buenos Aires government, is Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

His link with the sports leadership

Why the decision to get into Independiente?

I had been working with younger people for a while and we saw that we use common ideas. I am very close to christian ritondo and I let a proposal be presented to the club, which was about to enter a bad maelstrom.

How the opposition prepares for the next elections

Do you want to be governor of the Province?

I am working to be governor of Buenos Aires. We have been doing politics with Ritondo for more than 20 years, we are each for their own path and with tactical differences and professional backgrounds, so people must decide.

“No candidacies”, Mauricio Macri’s response to NEWS

Since you are talking about the PRO, does there have to be a STEP between the members of the Province or a broad list for everyone?

There does not have to be a special intern for the Province, we worked together for two decades and we always agreed. The PASO I see them as a natural issue in an alliance when it is between political spaces.

It’s a long way from him assembly of the listslast year he said it was time to listen and this 2023 is for proposing.

Very few proposals have been heard since this beginning of the electoral campaign.

There is a fundamental issue that I am working hard on, which is a strong decentralization of municipalities of the execution of some public politics related to security, health and education, which I understand could be carried out in a better way.

When we talk about decentralization, we talk about the municipalities taking care of the indicated issues and that they have the necessary resources from the Province to do so.

Clear. The example that works is in lanus, where we have the educational fund, which flows from the national government to the municipalities to repair and rebuild schools. During these years of government, we have intervened in 150 schools.

Mauricio Macri said that in the 2023 elections he will be “wherever they need him”

On the other side of this, six years ago there was a school that caught fire, the Province told us that it was going to build it, three tenders have already failed and it is still on fire. It is very difficult from La Plata, in such a large bureaucracy, that you have to keep ordering. We are working on the provincial reorganization.

The endorsements for the candidacies in the PRO

Who feels the most support in this previous to what could be a STEP of Together for Change?

I have been working with Mauricio MacriI was his minister for eight years, we know each other a lot and I have strong support from him. Scam patricia bullrich we are working too. Within its space there are three pre-candidates: joaquin de la torre, javier iguacel and me. The three of us are working well, and we have the same technical teams, which are preparing the proposals.

Very recently you got together with Eduardo Duhalde, do you have their support?

That meeting was not made with the intention of having support, but of listening. To all those who had an experience as strong as him you have to listen to them. Later one makes the internal value judgment, but the valuable aspects of the leaders who passed through certain places are always enriching, despite the fact that one does not agree. politics is to listen Y speak.

Jorge Elias (JE): Did you have any disappointment with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta?

Scam Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri we have the same imprint. The differences between the PRO candidates are tactical. What both propose seems correct to me.

Has the electoral race started?

State assistance to reduce poverty

JE: He speaks of decentralization of the Province towards the municipalities. What about the social plans? Is there any proposal for them to depend on the municipalities and not on the Ministry here in the City of Buenos Aires?

We work on two planes. One is that it depends on the municipalities, which is not that they give us the plant, but that they give us the human resources and the lists of the people who received the planes, in such a way that we can guide these people in employment. We can give you the dignity of earn it with effort and work, and not that it is a gift from the State.

In the second plane, it has to do with non-formal education, which is linked to the trade. In Lanús we do it, we have trade schools between the private sector and us. It ranges from gastronomy to industrial robotics, and young and not so young people are continually being received, who later end up being absorbed by the same companies.

For Néstor Grindetti, eliminating social planes is a matter of “eggs”

The other leg is at the national level, and it is about a strong decrease in the labor cost for people who enter the working market now, with a reduction in employer contributions and a special unemployment fund, which would make it much less risky for the private sector to take these people.

The worst thing is not to do anything, as they are doing now. Because what this does, together with the economic policy of this government, is to increase the number of poor people who depend on the gift of the State.


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