Netflix series ‘The Diplomat’ release date and what we know so far

The diplomat. (Left to right) Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford, Keri Russell as Kate Wyler in The Diplomat episode 107. Chrome Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2023

the diplomat is heading to Netflix in April 2023. Here’s everything we know about the TV thriller. the diplomat Coming soon on Netflix.

We exclusively revealed the project on January 20, 2022, with Netflix officially announcing the series just a week later.

Eight hour-long episodes have been confirmed for the show’s first season and all episodes will hit Netflix globally on April 20, 2023.

The series is described as a political thriller set in the US Embassy in London. She’s about a career diplomat who gets a new role as ambassador to London, but that has huge implications for her work and her personal life. All this while an international crisis is unfolding in the background.

The plot of the program has been subject to controversy and rumors among US diplomats.

Who’s behind the diplomat on netflix?

deborah chan netflix the diplomat

Deborah Cahn – Image: Writers Guild of America

Deborah Cahn will serve as showrunner and creator of the project. Additionally, Deborah Cahn is now among the creators who have blanket deals with Netflix.

Cahn has been involved in many beloved shows over the past two decades, including the Showtime series. Homelandthe fx limited series Fosse/Verdon, and worked on the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy.

Describing the show, Cahn said:

“EL DIPLOMAT is a show about the transcendence and torture of long-term relationships. It is difficult to maintain a relationship, be it a marriage or a military alliance. We change, the world changes, and yet we want these relationships to last forever. It’s a show about a group of good people doing their best to keep their global and personal associations intact without killing each other.”

british director Simon Cellan Jones is attached to the project. The distinguished director has been involved in various television projects and films. On the film side, he has notably directed Our friends from the north and some voices. Meanwhile, on the TV side, he was involved with the Apple TV+ series. SeeHBO basketball players, and USA Network Shooter.

Sebastian Gibbs is the Netflix studio executive heading up the project and previously worked at MRC Television before moving to Netflix in March 2020.

Keri Russell (who also stars), Janice Williams, Jones and Cahn serve as executive producers.

Let’s now break down all the writers and directors attached to the project so far:

  • Episode 101 – Written by: Debora Cahn
  • Episode 102 – Written by: Peter Noah
  • Episode 103 – Written by: Debora Cahn
  • Episode 104 – Written by: Amanda Johnson0Zetterström
  • episode 105 – Teleplay by: Mia Chung, Anna Hagen and Debora Cahn
  • Episode 106 – Written by: Anna Hagen
  • Episode 107 – Written by: Peter Noah
  • Episode 108 – Written by: Debora Cahn

The directors of the series are Simon Cellan Jones, Andrew Bernstein, Liza Johnson and Alex Graves.

Who stars on Netflix? the diplomat?

the cast grid of the netflix diplomatic series

Pictured (L-R): Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell and Ali Ahn

keri russell She will play Katie, the ambassador around whom the story revolves. She reluctantly becomes an ambassador because her heart is in humanitarian work. There are also rumors that she is being targeted for the vice-president position.

Russell is perhaps best known for playing Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans in recent years. Beyond that, Russell appeared on Dark skies, dawn of the planet of the apes and 2007 Waitress.

rufus sewell is chosen to play Hal Wyler in the series. Wyler is Katie’s husband and was a former ambassador, but is now reduced to being on the sidelines.

The British actor is perhaps best known for 1998 Dark City and 2006 The ilusionist. Most recently he played Charles in Old for Universal and will also star in the Netflix series Puzzle.

Ali Ahn will play the role of Eidra Graham, the CIA station chief in London. Described as effective and realistic, and manages the sometimes rocky relationship between the CIA and MI6.

Rounding out the cast of the series (most of which are advertised on end of April 2022) includes:

  • penny downie (Jackie, Unbeaten) as Frances Munning
  • rory kinner (black mirror)
  • pearl mackie (doctor who) as Alysse
  • michael mckean (Better call Saul)
  • celia imrie (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)
  • Bijan Daneshmand (The House of the Dragon) as Rasoul Shahin
  • david gyasi (Interstellar, cloud atlas)
  • pray diako (Tehran) as Basir
  • nana mensah
  • Jess Chanliau like Ronnie
  • andre lillis like wilson
  • Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford
  • michael sandoval
  • christine prouty as Emma – US Embassy Ambassador
cast grid for netflix diplomatic series

Cast Grille for The Diplomat

Where is the diplomat in production?

Filming began in mid-April 2022, and based on production schedules seen by What’s on Netflix, it would wrap up in September or October 2022, but will almost certainly extend beyond that date.

As the show is set in the UK, filming takes place predominantly. It’s unclear if the show is filming at Netflix’s Shepperton Studios.

Netflix has confirmed that most of the filming took place in London and the Cotswolds in the UK and even some in Paris.

One hearing suggests that filming would take place until November 2022. Furthermore, it suggests that filming for the series will also take place in Île-de-France.

Rufus Sewell shared a couple of photos while filming for the new Netflix series. The second image came with the caption: “My new look. Off-white with a hint of claret.

behind the scenes the diplomat netflix rufus sewell

Behind the scenes at The Diplomat – Image: Instagram/fredriksewell

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