New increase in the electricity rate for AMBA users

The National Electricity Regulatory Entity presented the increase in electricity tariffs that correspond to the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires.

The energy department, Flavia Reyonannounced on Monday that in April and June there will be two staggered increases in electricity user bills in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) and that for the majority of households the increase will not exceed $400, says Télam.

The increases arranged that apply from this month are the following:

* 29% for public agencies and entities that provide health and education services.

* 30% for residential users with demand in excess of 800 kilowatts per month.

* 30% for non-residential users with demands between 10 and 300 kW.

* 37% increase in residential users level 1.

* They will not present changes for those who are residential users who belong to level 2.

* 26% who are Tier 3 residential users that use 400 kW or less.

These percentage increases will be in force until April 30, 2023 within the framework of the Summer Quarterly Rescheduling plan. Then there will be a new rate chart available for the remainder of the year.

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