One step away from the ruling to shore up Justice

The Chamber of Deputies will give the last debate in commissions next Wednesday of the project to strengthen the federal Justice in Santa Fe, which has the support of the entire political arc in the midst of the strong violence that afflicts the city of Rosario above all .

The initiative of Roberto Mirabella from Santa Fe, who added the signature of the 18 remaining legislators of the province, already has an opinion in the Justice and Criminal Legislation commissions and on Wednesday he will seek the office in the Budget and Finance.

In the midst of the tussles between the ruling party and the opposition, which deepen as the electoral year progresses, the intention is to add the greatest amount of consensus on this matter in order to reach an eventual session on Tuesday, March 28, one day before the visit of the Chief of Staff Agustín Rossi to the Lower House.

According to estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, the project will have an annual fiscal cost of more than $1.1 billion, with an extra $1.5 billion in personnel expenditures.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, there will be a new meeting of the Impeachment Commission, which is continuing the process against the members of the Supreme Court of Justice. After two consecutive absences of the aforementioned prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, the climate in the commission chaired by Carolina Gaillard is increasingly tense and the ruling party so far shows no indication of wanting to move forward with the opinion, a claim by the opposition to end the discussion.

“Kirchnerism is demolishing trust in institutions. But they are lost. They only have to do a casting in the street to bring people to speak here against the Court”, declared last Tuesday the head of the radical bloc Mario Negri.

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