Pain in Mendoza: three young people jumped into an irrigation canal to cool off and drowned

Pain seized the town of Ingeniero Giagnoni, in the eastern part of mendozaby tragic death of three young people between 18 and 23 years old, two boys and a girl, who was born drowned this Sunday January 22 in a water channel in which they had gotten refresh

The event occurred at noon in that town located between the departments of Junín and San Martín, and the victims were identified as Emilce Johana González, 19 years old; her brother Marcos Antonio González, 18, and Matías Nicolás Zarandón Sequione, 23, Emilce’s boyfriend.

A call to 911 indicated that the youths jumped into the waters of the canal in Carril Norte and Callejón Esperanza to bathe and reduce the intense heat in the region, and they had not come out again.

Matías Nicolás Zarandón and Emilce González were engaged.

Immediately, the police authorities organized an intense search for the young people, which ended about two kilometers from the place where they had entered the water, when they found them drowned.

According to information from sources from the Ministry of Security to the portal Message from Mendoza, the irrigation channel has a depth of just 80 centimeters. However, the current would have dragged them to a deeper place where they ended up drowning.

The three young men were subjected to unsuccessful CPR work and no other lesions were detected on the bodies, other than those caused by dragging in the mighty channel, reported the site of the diary one.

The three young people lived near the place where the tragedy occurred.

Who were the three young people who drowned in Mendoza

Emilce González was in her second year as an Initial Education teacher at the National Institute for Teacher Training IESDyT 9-001 General José de San Martín, who in a post lamented the death of the young woman.

“The Management Team and the entire educational community accompanies their family, friends and all their loved ones in such a painful moment,” the institute said on Facebook.

In the post, one of her companions also lamented the tragedy: “I can’t believe my friend that you left like this, without warning, so soon, a whole life ahead. You will be greatly missed.”

Marcos Gonzalez, he was also a student -he had passed a fifth year of high school-, and her sister Emilce shared outings and meetings with friends. Matías Nicolás Zarandón -the oldest of the three- was Emilce’s boyfriend. “Viru”, as he was known, worked in construction and was coach of the Under 11 soccer category at the Club Unidos del Este de Buen Ordensent the portal Message from Mendoza.

“Our Unidos del Este club is in mourning. A great friend, colleague and great person left us, our category 11 teacher, a crack Viru, as we told you, you left us with a great void, God have you in his holy glory, give a lot of strength to your parents and brothers,” one of her friends lamented on Facebook.

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