Papu Gómez’s confession about Brazil’s elimination from the World Cup: “This is ours”

The Argentina team became world champion in Qatra 2022 after the agonizing penalty shootout against France after the 3-3 draw.

Previously, in the quarterfinals, the step also advanced after winning from 12 steps against the Netherlands and Alexander Papuan Gómez revealed an anecdote in the preview of the match where he tells how they experienced Brazil’s defeat against Croatia.

“I remember that we were going to play against the Netherlands and Brazil was playing before. When we got to the stadium, a goal from Croatia and there we said this is it, it’s ours, if Brazil loses, it’s ours…“, he recounted in dialogue with DSports.

And then he told how they experienced it from the inside: “We all watch the penalties from the tablet or cell phone and When Croatia qualified we started celebrating as if we had won. There we said, this is ours, We won today and we go to the final. So it was…”closed the former Arsenal player.