Parities of 60%? Key negotiations begin

The Government installed last week the idea of limit parities to a number that is as close to 60% as possible, no more no less. The goal is to help contain the inflation, which closed 2022 very close to three figures. Despite the formal request of the Minister of Labor, Kelly Olmos, That objective could be far from the expectations that the unions have, although a large part of the CGT also seeks to put a ceiling on the negotiations.

“The CGT is not going to dial the number for us. Each union negotiates under different rules,” a leader who is inside the labor union and knows that there is official pressure to go towards 60% told PERFIL.

This week they will begin with the salary negotiations of the Association of State Workers (ATE), the Federation of Employees of Commerce Y The Bank. Those three could be the spearhead.

The unions set conditions to close parities for 60%

The ATE union sent a formal request to Kelly Olmos (signed by Hugo “Cachorro” Godoy) to reopen the negotiation for the 2022 increases and also incorporate a fixed sum of $30,000.

“The salary is not enough. There are still colleagues with salaries below the poverty line: some sectoral collective labor agreements start the Basic Food Basket at very low salary levels. It cannot be naturalized that those who are poor will work in the national state”, they can affect the state union.

Hugo “Cachorro” Godoy, from ATE.

Trade continues review of the last August agreement and will seek to extend it to catch up with the record parities, between 100% and 110%. What is the importance of this case? The union led by Andrés “Centauro” Rodríguez represents more than 1,200,000 workers in the private sector. With the new negotiations, they could have an increase of 50.5% of the parity agreed last year.

Another one that will have the magnifying glass on its head is the negotiation carried out by the Banking Association that it directs serge palazzo. Inflation runs at such a speed that they will seek a short agreement for the months of January, February and March and then make an annual number.

The Government promotes parity of 60% to “slow down” inflation

In 2022, the trade unionist close to Christianity closed an agreement of 94.1% per annum plus a bonus of $185,000. Will you think of a lower number Palazzo? During the week, as stated guild worldpalace and sergio masa (Economy) is recommended to draw a common path.

serge palazzo
Sergio Palazzo, from La Bancaria.

During the last week, in radio statements with AM750, Olmos whitewashed the idea of ​​”converging towards the scheduled level of inflation plus some point of recovery”. Given this sentence, the leaders consulted by this portal made it clear that “each parity is a world”.

Strong unions prepare for a new round of parities with three-figure orders

“It always happens that they want to mark us due to inflation. But first they have to lower prices,” they add from the unions. The Minister of Labor explained: “It is not an agreement, it is a policy that we encourage.”

Before the panorama that opened the weekend, on Sunday, Massa anticipated in infobae: “The parities are free and each activity has a different reality (…) I don’t want to put a number for parities, but to set an objective: that the salary beat inflation, we need to recover income but that inflation should go down, because each point of inflation that we lower, we recover 1.7 more income than with the improvement in parity”.


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