Patricia Bullrich also praised Mauricio Macri: “This confirms his greatness and generosity”

After the confirmation of Mauricio Macri that he will not be a candidate for president, the head of the PRO, patricia bullrichHe also praised the former president’s decision, calling it “historic” and noting that “it confirms his greatness and generosity, prioritizing the country’s interests before his own.”

“Mauricio Macri’s historic decision confirms his greatness and generosity. Even being able to become president again, he has prioritized the interests of our country before his own, as very few leaders have done in Argentine history, ”Bullrich said.

“A message of greatness”

“What Mauricio has done raises a message of greatness, since he can be a candidate, he ceases to be,” Bullrich told Radio Rivadavia a while later, emphasizing regarding his own candidacy “I am going to be close to the people, we are the candidates who have to take on this responsibility” which leaves Macri’s position of not participating in the election open. electoral appointment.

“I think this is a decision where he shows what he is. You have to play as a team and I’m going to play as a team. I spoke with him yesterday, I knew he was maturing, but I found out about the final decision with the Argentines.”added the head of the PRO, to which the polls are hard pressed with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta to stay with the candidacy from the PRO.

Meanwhile, the national deputy and president of the UCR bloc, Mario Negri, was also surprised by Macri’s announcement “”wise words and an excellent message”, indicating “I remain with these points: Argentines should not look for messianic leaders; Together for Change has shown unity and strength; To the populism that tramples us, we must say never again”.


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