Pension moratorium: the national government evaluates extending it by decree

We are on important dates for people who are in retirement age but who do not reach the years of service to be able to retire. It is that the discussion in Congress is needed for the extension of the pension moratorium sooner.

There are 800,000 people of retirement age who do not have contributions. If we had the law, I could have already accessed retirement by paying the moratorium fees that are deducted from the credit,” said the lawyer. Florence Markarian.

“Another of the facilities that this law brings is that the moratorium it can be paid in 120 installmentsnot like the 60 of the previous moratorium,” he added.

Walter Martos, prosecutor in the Lucio Dupuy case: “I have never seen a case of this nature”

From Congress they report that the moratorium cannot be extended by any means other than a parliamentary law because it is a matter of a tax nature. Thus, the rumors of a supposed extension by decree are cleared up.

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