Pichetto gave Macri an ultimatum: “He has until March to decide if he will be a candidate”

The National Auditor General, Miguel Angel Pichetto, returned this Sunday, January 22, to suggest that the presidential candidate of Together for Change should be Mauricio Macri because he is the one who concentrates the majority of the leadership within the opposition conglomerate, while “times are running out” and that the founder of PRO “He has until March to make his decision.”

“Times are running out. In April we have to start presenting the lists and programs for the primary election in August. We are in discount time“sure in statements to “P-Side”the program that leads Eduardo Paladini on Radio Rivadavia.

“The ex-president Macri has until March as the maximum time to resolve and make his decision. You understand that you are facing an important life decision personally, but It is the destiny of Argentina too,” he insists.

Miguel Pichetto: “Everything indicates that Macri has the will to be a candidate”

Along these lines, Pichetto thought that “Argentina needs an honesty in terms of leadership,” and included not only Macri in relation to Together for Change but also Vice President Cristina Kirchner in relation to the Frente de Todos.

The leader of Federal Peronism maintained that after the “frustrating” experience of the management of Alberto Fernández, who must govern in the shadow of the one who holds the highest authority in the ruling party, the Argentina “cannot return to” bear “this anomalous situation”.

Miguel Angel Pichetto.

“He is not going to put up with power being on one side and power on the other. The president who emerges from the electoral process in October and eventually from a presidential ballot, if there is one, must be a president with authority, with leadership, and with government and management capacity,” he stressed.

“This scheme that the leader is the leader and power is delegated to another figure, this topic is exhausted for bad. It will not work, and it is not credible either. The experiences have been very frustrating. There is nothing stronger than neither presidential power in Argentina. Nor a presidential power subordinated to another figure. It seems to me that in this experience the leaders must be the strongest in the face of the electoral process and settle a path for Argentina,” he argued.

Pichetto gave his opinion on the figure of Cristina Kirchner

For Pichetto, that Cristina Kirchner withdrew early from a possible candidacy this year after the conviction against her for the Highway cause “was a mistake” because it “increased her political weakness” both within the ruling party and on the political scene in general. .

Pichetto urges Macri: “He has to define what he is going to do, uncertainty and a vacuum in politics are not going”

“A political process is underway within Kirchnerism to reconstruct the centrality of Cristina Fernández. The statement made after the trial of Vialidad was an error, perhaps due to the effects of the result,” said the former Juntos vice-presidential candidate for the change.

“Perhaps if she had been more serene and had had better advice, she would have argued that she was acquitted of the crime that she was accused of being the head of a gang, and that on the other issues to appeal and that she was also going to keep her candidacy gravitating. That was going to give him more strength within the governing cooperation and also outside,” he stressed, adding: “That speech was to increase his weakness. I think this is under review.”

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