Police mobile was rescued by an excavator

A patrolman of the Buenos Aires police below a massive bottleneck to the side of the Salty river and should be rescued by a hydraulic excavator. The event was filmed by fishermen who were at the scene.

Despite the low level of the Buenos Aires river due to the drought, a group of people came to its shores in the town of Gorchs, General Belgrano district, located two hours away from the Federal Capital. However, they did not make the news for having captured any specimen, but for witnessing an unusual blockage.

We were fishing quietly when suddenly this happens“, described the cameraman about the filming of two minutes and five seconds. There you can see a patrol car tilted to his left, very close to falling into the river.

The first attempt to remove it was made by a truck but it was unsuccessful, since the tow line was cut due to the tension generated by the kiloage of both vehicles.

Then it was the turn of the big machines. A motorized loader tailed and tried to pull close to the troopers’ truck, but the result was even worse: it ended up getting stuck in the field and was never able to get out.

The men who were trying to solve the problem shoveled dirt around the large wheels to facilitate their unanchoring. The possible solution had generated a worse inconvenience.

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Then came a bigger, more powerful machine: a hydraulic excavator with a mighty iron arm.

In the first instance, remove the loading shovel by hooking it to the arm. Already at that moment the water was reaching the boulders. There was a general relief but the last chapter was still left.

With the sun hitting the coast, with no plants around, the mighty excavator hooked its arm to a linga that was attached to the back of the patrol car. The kiloage of the machine took him from the shore, where the river was already rising, and he ended up saving the day for the troops. It is still unknown what the police vehicle was doing in that area.


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