Ponzio: “The squad is complete for what’s to come”

The former player and benchmark of River Plate Leonado Ponzio spoke about the present millionaire club facing both local and international commitments (Professional League, Copa Argentina and Copa Libertadores) and ensured that the squad “it’s whole” and in good condition lower the orders of the brand new technician Martin Demichelis.

“The squad has two or three players on all lines. Not having obtained results and titles last year, the kids need backing and the confidence they have right now. I feel there is a whole squad to compete in the three tournaments when the Argentine Cup starts. Later, this will be day by day”expressed the idol of the club.


El León, as Ponzio is nicknamed, who is currently part of the club’s Technical Secretariat, assured that they still have no intention of closing the transfer market, and are waiting to find out what the newcomer’s ideas are: “Martín Demichelis is getting to know the squad, he will have about twenty more days until the free transfer period ends. We are going to wait properly for the needs that he demands.”