Power outages occur to more than 90,000 AMBA users

In the midst of the growing wave of popular protests against the electricity distribution companies, and complaints filed against Edesur by the national State and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, more than 90,000 users of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA ) continued –at the close of this edition– without electricity supply.

According to the report of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) of the 20, in the Edesur concession area there were some 90,100 users without electricity, especially from the towns of Wilde, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Quilmes, Esteban Echeverría, Canning and Ezeiza, in the south of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

Regarding the concession area of ​​the Edenor company, the total number of users without electricity totaled around 5,900. In this case, the majority of those affected are located in the municipalities of La Matanza, Pilar and San Isidro, as indicated in the ENRE report.

In the Buenos Aires district, the neighborhoods with the highest number of power outages were registered in Balvanera, Mataderos, Parque Patricios, Monte Castro, Flores, Recoleta and Caballito, among others. In this sense, in this last neighborhood, for example, a protest was held yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Acoyte and Rivadavia. It was exploited by Edesur users who demanded “the comprehensive renewal of the power line” and “automatic and general compensation” to those affected by the lack of service.

Meanwhile, in other areas of the City, and as has been the case in recent days, the desperation of users without electricity led to roadblocks and avenues; burning tires and wood, and protests in front of the offices of distribution companies, especially Edesur. The measures were taken by the residents and merchants of the neighborhoods affected by the cuts due to the lack of response from the energy distributors. But the situation became even more complicated since many of those affected also complained about the lack of water in the buildings, since the pumps of the water tanks cannot work.

Meanwhile, the national government through the ENRE filed a criminal complaint yesterday against the authorities of the Edesur company so that they are investigated for fraud and disruption of the agreed rights, abandonment of person and hindering public services.

Similarly, the Government of Buenos Aires also filed a criminal complaint against the same company for the alleged commission of the crime of abandonment of a person with eventual intent, after evaluating that the cuts in the supply of electricity that are registered in the Buenos Aires area put ” endangering the life or health of the inhabitants of the district”.

Echeverría also filed a complaint yesterday against Edesur for having left the Sofía Terrero de Santamarina Municipal Hospital without power during Thursday night and early yesterday morning.

without energy

◆ During a good part of the summer, the heat wave is compounded by the lack of electricity supply in different Buenos Aires neighborhoods and in the Buenos Aires suburbs.

◆ Given the lack of response from the distribution companies, the affected residents closed streets and avenues.

◆ The national State, through the ENRE, as well as the Buenos Aires Government filed criminal complaints against the company Edesur,

◆ Edesur will have to pay the Quilmes municipality a fine of 200 million pesos for deficiencies in the service.

◆ The Argentine Association of Electrical Dependents denounced “lack of predictability”, “negligence” and “insensitivity” to power cuts.

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