Preventive prison for Dani Alves for alleged sexual assault

The sports journalist, Juan Parrondo, recounted the serious complaint he received Daniel Alves39-year-old player, and which ended in his arrest, in Fontevecchia modefor net tv Y RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

The footballer, who knew how to be a teammate Lionel Messiwas denounced and arrested with preventive prisonHe affirmed, according to the prosecution, that he took action on the matter, without the possibility of requesting a bail for his freedom, for a alleged sexual assaultin what was a nightclub in Barcelona a few days after the end of the World Cup.

A 23 year old womanthat he did not want his identity to be known, for public reasons and to take care of his privacy, denounced the footballer for the reason mentioned.

They arrested Dani Alves in Barcelona for an alleged sexual assault

The Brazilian assures that he went to the place with his friends and family but he never had the intention of doing something like that, nor is it a type of action with which he feels identified.

The one who came out to defend him was his partner, who affirms that he knows him Daniel Alves and he knows perfectly how to handle it, even that blames the alleged victim that she is the one that surrounds her husband.


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