Problems for San Lorenzo: Gattoni would not renew and his future is uncertain

Federico Gattoni’s novel is still latent. The defender is a key piece for Ruben Darío Insúa’s San Lorenzo, which is why the leadership intends to renew his contract, which expires in June, but in the last few hours Sevilla appeared with the intention of signing a pre-contract and arriving free at the Spanish club.

The central defender intends to emigrate and is about to obtain Italian nationality and that would help the Andalusian cast or another European team that wants to have their services, For the cast of Jorge Sampaoliit is necessary to get the passport for a foreign quota issue.

In all this conflict, the Raven claim Gattoni’s extension but its representative (Marcelo Lombilla) try to lower the clause of 15,000,000 to 1,500,000 dollars. Even so, the leadership wants to fight and analyzes that there is a clause for Argentine soccer and another for abroad. But the signature does not appear and he is already thinking of lowering it to Reserve until there is a definition.

Regarding the renewal of my contract, I trust that my trusted people will solve the issue in the best way. I love the club and the people of San Lorenzo“, he said in TyC Sports.

Insúa’s word regarding Gattoni

Until today Gattoni is training normally, he is one of the group. I hope and wish that he can reach an agreement with the club and be able to count on him because he is an important player within the team”, commented the DT in dialogue with Passion for the Cyclone.

The San Lorenzo pass market

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