Professional League: amnesty was granted and the closing date for the transfer market was maintained

This Wednesday The Disciplinary Tribunal of the Argentine Football Association annulled the sanctions against all suspended footballers with light sanctions for the start of the 2023 Professional Leaguewhich are all those who reached the fifth yellow and those who received a direct red with a penalty of less than three dates on the last date of the last tournament.

Too for the vast majority of those sent off in the final of the Champions Trophy between Boca and Racing, and will apply to all categories of Argentine football. further, the closing date of the pass book is preserved.

The amnesty involves players of all categories and tournaments in Argentine soccer who share this condition. Finally, they will be allowed to play the first date with their respective clubs, even in futsal and beach soccer

Who are the Boca and Racing players who were not saved by the amnesty?

On the side of Boca, who does not enter the amnesty are: Dario Benedetto (he received four dates for his controversial gesture in the Champions Trophy against Racing) and francofabrawho is already with the Colombian National Team (three dates, two for expulsion and one for accumulating 10 yellow cards), beyond the fact that they will be able to participate in the International Super Cup in Abu Dhabi.

the rest, Luis Advíncula, Alan Varela, Guillermo Pol Fernández, Sebastián Villa, Diego González And till Hugo Ibarra would say present in the debut against Atlético Tucumán at La Bombonera.

On Racing’s side, everyone will be able to play the first date, since jonathan galvan I had received only two dates, carlos alcaraz three and johan coalman a

The closing date of the pass market will be modified

The Argentine soccer pass book had a closing date of this Thursday, January 26, although those who sell or transfer abroad could continue to incorporate until February 9.

However, at the meeting this Wednesday at the Argentine Football Association it will be extended that the first transfer deadline is extended to February 2.