Quadricycle importers evaded US$65,000: the AFIP would fine them US$1.6 million

The General Directorate of Customs said in a statement that “detected under-invoicing of a company that imports quadricycles and motorcycles for more than 65 thousand dollars”, crime for which a fine 25 times greater could be applied to those responsible for such importation: up to 1,650,429.40 dollars.

The importation of marras It is not current, it was in 2017, but recently this year the Afip was able to verify the under-invoicing, thanks to the exchange of financial information agreed with the United States.

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Thus, it was indicated that after intelligence work carried out by specialized agents of the General Directorate of Customs-AFIP I discovered that the firm Jegs SA would have underinvoiced imports of quadricycles and jet skis taxed at more than 35 percent in order to evade payment in Argentina.

According to the detail, in 2017 the company entered the country a total of 17 quadricycles, 8 jet skis and two motorcycles in two destinations, stating that the total value of the merchandise imported from the United States was $149,289.68. However, by agreement with the Trade and Transparency Unit (TTU) of the North American country, Customs this year had access to data on imports and exports made in the northern country.

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Within this framework, they once again dusted off the suspicions surrounding the operation of the firm in question, the declarations of the American company that supplied the quadricycles and jet skis were requested before the United States customs when finalizing the export of the vehicles, and thus it was discovered that the amount actually paid in the operations amounted to $233,900. In other words, the amount declared in our country was 64% of the real price.

In 2017 there was no significant gap in the exchange market, therefore the under-invoicing of international trade operations was not aimed at taking advantage of the access to foreign currency at profitable prices, but rather it is presumed that the intention was to evade the payment of import duties . But that under-invoicing of almost 65 thousand dollars, when calculating the fine, could become a figure 25 times higher: they want to charge Jegs SA no less than 1,650,429.40 dollars.

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