QuarkID: the digital identity protocol that will come into force in the City

diego fernandezSecretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of the City of Buenos Airesannounced that QuarkID, the digital identity protocol self sovereign Promoted by the Buenos Aires Government and which was co-created in the community, it will be launched in January.

Fernández advanced that the objective of quark ID is to give people back control over their data. The idea is that all the credentials that a person needs are digitized in one place, with a safety standard soaring through technology block chain.

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The secretary brought forward the launch of the wallet within the framework of the 10th edition of Labitconf, which was implemented at the Centro Costa Salguero; where he anticipated that the system is in test format and that in January the porteños will be able to download the application to issue some digital credentials, together with the corresponding instructions so that they can create them and prove your identity.

This way, the City of Buenos Aires will join a regional wave: Colombia and the cities of Nuevo León, Monterrey (Mexico) and Mar del Plata, among others, they are already implementing or they will begin to implement policies with similar characteristics in the short term.

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Sources from the Ministry of Innovation explained to PROFILE how QuarkID works: “The idea is that the person can have in the same place Social work credential, bank cards, driving license, the gym card, the faculty card. They can be credentials public or private entities of the City, but being in QuarkID it is approved, that is, If a policeman stops you and asks for your registration and you show it to him in the app, it is fully approved”.

How QuarkID works

QuarkID enables new ways to use Personal Information. The self-sovereign digital identity model is decentralized, public, unauthorized, open, extensible, and capable of interoperating with other protocols Similar. These features enable users reveal only the specific data needed from the verifiable credential to credit different transactions.

Users have all their credentials centralized in a single platform off chainthat will allow access to information to be more fluid, agile and easy.

Also, the design from peer to peer guarantees the highest security standards, so that intermediation is not necessary from a third party that can track interactions between interested parties. Thus, identity theft will be prevented and falsification of credentials.

“We are happy to be able to share the progress of quark ID. The protocol will start using the Starknet and Rootstock networks, which will allow quark ID guaranteed users more security and confidence, since interactions will be processed on both networks simultaneously”, expressed the Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the City.

“We believe that what is important is that QuarkID works as a public infrastructure, for anyone to build value, and to transform and simplify the way in which the State and society relateat the same time that we empower people,” he said.

The main features of Quark ID

  • It follows international standards (SSID, IETF, DIF, W3C, Trust, OverIP and OpenID, among others).
  • It is interoperable.
  • Use unauthorized open blockchains.
  • It is multichain.
  • Private information is stored on users’ devices in a manner off chain.
  • IS open source.
  • It implies decentralized autonomous governance: no one owns the protocol.
  • Any organization can use it without asking for permission or authorization because the power is in the hands of the users and not the Government.
  • It is compatible with various virtual wallets.


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