Racing fell into the Forest and missed an opportunity to stay on

Opportunities are to be seized. Racing let one pass to follow the River pointer closely, while Gimnasia took advantage of it and kept the three points of the game they played in the Forest. Cristian Tarragona’s goal at the beginning of the first half caught up with Lobo to regulate the process of the match and keep the victory. For worse, at the Academy Gabriel Rojas was expelled at the end of the first half.

Gymnastics faced the game according to its rival: a candidate team, which came from a good run and if it won, it would remain on top. The Wolf came out plugged in, with the conviction that the start to the Academy should be carried out. And what is necessary. Gago’s team, cornered, without clarity or space, was never able to gain a footing. He noticed it uncomfortable, in the middle of a game that he is not used to nor does it suit him.

The beginning of the second half was a carbon copy of the first, with a goal at the beginning that opened a new horizon. Leonardo Morales with a header gave Gimnasia a break. In any case, the Wolf did not give up his ambition and kept looking.

Until Racing put emotion into it with a beautiful play: a Raniero cue inside the area enabled Jonathan Gómez, who defined against a stick. An exquisite goal. With half an hour to go, Racing went in search of the miraculous draw, even with one less player.

And he almost did it towards the end, when Maxi Romero dove into the area to look for the penalty. The referee gave it in the first instance, but after checking the play with the VAR, he annulled it.

Gymnastics resisted, with the oxygen that was left withstood each and every one of Racing’s attacks. Which were many. The nine minutes of additional time that Lamolina gave were endless for the defenders of Lobo. They removed everything that rained in the area.

Until what usually happens: when a team seeks a tie in a wild way, they can suffer a counterattack. Well, Gimnasia took advantage of it and Soldano scored the third when the minutes were running out.

In an intense match, with emotions in both goals, the Wolf did justice. Racing, on the other hand, never forced itself to prevail and for that reason it lost an unbeatable opportunity.

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