Racing goes to the charge for an international figure to reinforce its squad

Careersthat in 2023 could be consecrated from the Champions Trophy initial bet Mouth in San Luis, it is one of the few teams that was able to keep its technical director and the base of the starting 11. Despite the sale of carlos alcaraz. the academy incorporated the Chilean opazoconcrete return of maxi moralez and in the last hours he made official the hiring of juan nardoni.

In this sense, the sports manager, ruben Wizard Capriaacknowledged that there were polls by an international figure: Paolo GuerreroThe 39-year-old striker with a vast career in football and in the Peru team, was polled by the Academy.

There were polls, we are evaluating the pros and cons of all the players we are going to hire, we do this to reduce the margin of error, then this is football and anything can happen“, recognized Capria in the radial cycle passion for racing.

According to reports, the Wizard would have communicated with Tiger garecawho invited him to the national team and his response was emphatic: “He is a phenomenon”, the former coach of Velez Sarsfield.

Starting from this, gago will evaluate the hiring of the Peruvian because he already expressed that he is satisfied with Maxi Rosemary Y Nicholas Reniero, who came back from Argentine Juniors.