RePerfilAr Observatory: how much bakery products increased at the beginning of 2023

For almost a year the price of flour has not stopped rising due to multiple factors and the same is happening with fuel. For this reason, the Commission of the Industrial Center of Bakers put as base price per Kg of bread that exceeds $500 and reaches up to $620. However, in some bakeries it is already at $680.

The dozen croissants part of the $1400 and can go up to $2100.

A dozen quince or sweet potato seeds $370.

Meanwhile, each churro costs $100stuffed with dulce de leche $110 and bathed $120.

Flour is the main ingredient of bread that makes up its value to the public as follows: 13% for the value of wheat, 4% for the mill, 60% added by the baker and 23% corresponds to taxes.

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