RePerfilAr Observatory: how much the prices of fruits and vegetables will increase in January

Eating fruits and vegetables is essential at all times of the year. With the summer and the temperatures, the body asks for the freshness of these foods and you can also take advantage of the high prices on sale. Thats why he Price Observatory Reprofile analyzes the evolution of the value of different products, in this case: fruits and vegetables.

This is the complete list of the evolution of the prices of vegetables in the month of January:

  • The kilo of round tomatoes dropped to $300.
  • Capuchin lettuce rose from $380 a kg to $500.
  • Carrots remained at $169 per kg.
  • The kilo of black potatoes dropped to $179.
  • Onion increased to $469 per kg.
  • Lemon increased from $139 to $148 per kg.
  • The avocado surprised by its increase to $320 per unit.

This is the complete list of the evolution of fruit prices in the month of January:

  • The juice orange was quoted at $110 per kilo.
  • The tangerine $189 per kilo.
  • Pink grapefruit closed at $169 per kilo.
  • Strawberries increased $200 in just one month and the kilo is available for $750.
  • We got the blueberry tray for $230.

Finally, we bought a maple with white eggs for $825. Let’s not forget that there are better prices at the City fairs or by ordering organic bags with seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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