Repudiation of criticism against Florencia K

The La Cámpora group came out to repudiate with a thread on Twitter the “hate speech” of the LN+ channel, after the statements of the journalist Laura Di Marco who indicated that Florencia Kirchner, the daughter of the vice president, suffered from “galloping anorexia nervosa”. produced by “the lack of mother”.

The journalist’s statements were accompanied by images of the body of Florencia Kirchner.

“Hate speech. Lie. Violence. Humiliation. Harassment. Dehumanization. Brutality. perversity. Cruelty”.

He published the organization led by Máximo Kichner, on his Twitter account and added: “Really? Even when? So that?”.

In this way, the organization referenced in the vice president and led by Máximo Kirchner, came to the crossroads of Di Marco’s sayings, spilled in the Viviana Canosa program on the television signal.

“For twenty years Cristina and her family have been publicly and systematically violated by the most powerful structures in the country,” La Cámpora continued on their networks and concluded: “They will not stop until the bullet comes out. This is media shooting. Someone has to take charge.”

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