Request to Pablo Ledesma, former Boca player, for assaulting a street vendor

Pablo Ledesma, a former Boca player, was criminally denounced by a street vendor and his family. According to the alleged victim, Ledesma and a group of friends attacked him after a discussion as a result of a comment on the 2018 Copa Libertadores final that ended with the victory of River before him xeneize.

Jose Gustavo Gauna., was with his wife, his two daughters and his brother, when he ran into Ledema. According to the complainant, the coach of the club’s eighth the riverside, he saw a tattoo of the Libertadores that the Millionaire won and threw a chicana at him. Gauna did not remain silent and replied: “You are not forget it anymore“.

That comment was what started a discussion, between Ledesma with his brothers and Gauna, who was raising his tone until he ended everything with fist bumpsin the middle of the streets clavero mineCórdoba, on December 31.

“On December 31, we were walking with my wife, my brother and my two daughters and we ran into Pablo (Ledesma). He sees River’s tattoo on me, he sings me a song, and I reply that “this Cup (Libertadores 2018) is never forgotten,” thinking that it was part of soccer folklore. They all got on me and they got me hit“, explained Joseph in dialogue with “El lagarto show”, by El Doce TV.

And he added: “I don’t know if he was with a relative or security. They threw me to the ground, I hit my head against the asphalt and Pablo (Ledesma) hit pineapples on my head. I also did not know if they have a knife or a firearm. I never thought that a public person like him could get to this point.”

gaunawho made a judicial presentation at the Investigation Prosecutor’s Office of Villa Cura Brochero, He also denounced that they insulted his partner in front of his two daughters (5 and 8 years old) and that they attacked his brother.

On the other hand, there is a different version, which ensures that Gauna saw Ledesma with his son and two brothers, and he was, almost more than a block, carrying it for the final. At first he took it well, as part of football folklore, He asked him to finish but he didn’t finish throwing comments at him until they got tired and the mutual aggression began.

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