Rise and fall of Fabián Doman, a resignation that deepened the crisis of Independiente

The institutional crisis of Independiente took on a deeper dimension after the Fabián Doman’s surprise resignation as president of the Red. The journalist prevailed in the Avellaneda club elections at the beginning of October last year, with a comfortable victory that achieved 72% of the votes, having integrated a formula that excited the fans, along with the mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti (who will take charge of the club internally)and the journalist Juan Marconi, with the sponsorship of the national deputy Cristian Ritondo.

The recent paintings that arose in the mediations of the Rojo stadium exposed the fragile situation that the institution went through, with clean threats towards the leaders and the squad in the run-up to the classic that will be played against Racing next Sunday, April 16.

The day we kill a leader they will stop robbing us“and”Sunday win or bullets for everyone” were the most forceful messages. In the run-up to the duel against Estudiantes, expressions formulated with the same ultimatum tone had circulated: “win or die”Take charge, this is Independent” and “this is not rain“.

In this context of tensions and imbalances, Doman announced the end of his tenure after a brief period of 6 months through a statement that was published on social networks.

Fabian Doman. Photo: Twitter

October 2022: “promising” start with a formula that represented “the change”

In the last Independiente elections, Fabián Doman won the election victory and received the welcome of historical references of the club.

“I want to congratulate Fabián Doman, the new president of Independiente. I wish him the success that the club deserves and the best for this new stage,” he said. ricardo bochini through a video.

And he added: “It is the club that I love, the club in which I spent so many years supporting that shirt and I hope that Independiente is once again in the first places not only in international football, but also at a national level, as it always was. Greetings to all the fans.”

With the participation of almost 16 thousand members, the Independent Unity formula headed by Doman together with the mayor of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti, and the journalist Juan Marconi -with the sponsorship of the national deputy and president of the PRO bloc christian ritondohe reaped 72 percent (11,492 votes) in the Avellaneda club elections.

After being elected president, Doman stressed that his group because represented “the change”although he maintained that “the vote must be revalidated every 24 hours.”

Since Doman has been president, Independiente has won only one official match so far this year

The journalist, who overwhelmingly prevailed with 72 percent of the votes, recorded a dialogue with Pablo Rossi is This morning (Radio Rivadavia)): “I completed one year as a candidate last week, in which everything happened to me: they banned me, they banned me, I was even mistreated and they spoke ill of me. The most important thing about yesterday, what must be highlighted, is that it was a registration election“.

Refering to financial crisis of the avellaneda clubDoman had remarked: “There is a debt with AFA, but the most serious thing for Independiente is the external debt that must be negotiated. We need a kind of financial oxygen for 180 days, because from there the resources collected for the sale of jerseys or stadium naming begin to appear, for example. I aspire for the club to have a genuine income of resources”.

Once consecrated president, it was announced that Doman would also be the new vice president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), instead of Hugo Moyano.

Ratifying the continuity of coach Julio César Falcioni until the end of the Professional League was one of the immediate decisions that Doman must make. The Emperor remained in office until November 2022, while the candidates to lead the Red were evaluated.

“Club Atlético Independiente informs that, to date, the Legal Department has contacted the representatives of Julio César Falcioni to agree on the terms of termination of the contract that binds him to the institution”communicated the club.

Independiente 2023, an unstable scenario

Fabián Doman began to outline 2023 with the responsibility of defining the new coach and finalize several soccer player contracts they were not renewed.

The friction with Alan Sonora and the uncertainty about the new DT they marked the first transfer market that Doman would face as the club’s president.

The five critical points of the current moment of Independiente

Back then, Diego Soñora, a former Boca player, came out to give his version of his son Alan’s departure from Independiente, after being pointed out by Fabian Doman as the person responsible for his departure by asking for a “fortune” to renew the contract. .

“I don’t have any problem because he is the one who is wrong, he has no idea what football is, how football is handled, in fact, he told me himself that he doesn’t understand anything about football. What he should do for the good of Independiente is let all those things be handled by Juan Marconi and Pablo Cavallero.”

Criticism of Hugo Moyano

At the beginning of January, Doman referred to the “change of mentality” represented by the new leadership and questioned a series of “unintelligible errors” attributed to the management of Hugo Moyano.

“The first thing that comes to light is economics. I noticed a club with a very diffuse sense of organization, with a squad that was close to disarming. Independiente hadn’t had leadership in recent times and mistakes were made that are still unintelligible. It’s hard for us understand why some things happened,” Doman said.

Hugo Moyano
Hugo Moyano. Photo: Telam

In an interview with OldHe added: “Even today we wonder how Cecilio Domínguez was bought for 6,000,000 dollars. What went through someone’s head to sign that to América de México? What happened for them to decide not to participate in the hearings in the case of Gonzalo Verón? You analyze it and you always come to the same question, was it ineffective or something else?

“Moyano explained to me that he doesn’t know the details because he wasn’t at the club much. It was a very long dialogue. I told him that based on some debts that they had left us, which are a lot, I think that at least he has to contribute money to the club in all the tax plans that we have to pay
us. It is the least that can be done. The issue was left there,” continued the president of Independiente.

Pablo Moyano counterattacked Domán

Doman Moyano
Fabian Doman vs. Pablo Moyano.

Faced with this, the former vice president of Independiente, pablo moyanoHe criticized the then boss of “Red”, Fabián Doman, for his statements about the previous leadership and detected that he expected him to “comply with what he promised” since when they arrived at the club they did not go to ask for anyone’s help to clear up the debts

“I hope he fulfills everything he promised. When we arrived at the club there were million-dollar debts and we didn’t cry to anyone,” Moyano had said in a radio interview.

Doman justified the “bad streak” of the Red: I am the only candidate for president who did not promise a championship.”

Another of Doman’s immediate difficulties is linked to the adverse results that the team reaped during the first three months of 2023, under the technical direction of the coach Leandro Stillitano.

The tension with DT reached such a point that Doman stated in mid-March that the coach’s future “depends on him”, depending on the result he achieved on Saturday against Colón de Santa Fe in Avellaneda.

“Stillitano is an extraordinary professional, talking to him two or three times a day is a pleasure. He is very aware. What happens or doesn’t happen on Saturday depends on him. Leandro is the most concerned about everything that is happening. I know and it would be a shame if I don’t continue,” he said in statements to the middle game The visor.

And he added: “We are in a bad streak, very bad. I don’t like being the president of a club that hasn’t won six games. I don’t ask for patience and whoever whistles has the right to whistle.”

Photo Baires

I’m the only candidate for president who didn’t promise a championship, I said that it was transitional to what is to come. There is a football, sports project that cannot function flawlessly in the first months, but it cannot have seven points either”, Doman closed.

After Stillitano’s departure, he referred to the search for a new coach.

“We are talking with three or four alternatives seeing that it is the best from the sporting and economic project. I would not rule out Guede because everything he tells you now may have changed in the afternoon. As we are in three or four conversations, the negotiations are going change,” revealed the former president.

Then he continued: “Independiente needs to score points. We need a coach who scores points. We want to have a defined coach, but we don’t want to rush either. Many people offer to lead Independiente.”

Bertoni against Doman’s management: “It’s more of the same”.

The former footballer of Independiente daniel bertoni On March 25, he analyzed the complicated present of the club and pointed against the current leadership, expressing that “It’s more of the same.”

Independiente is going through a few intense weeks, after the bad run in results, the search for a new coach, after the dismissal of Leandro Stillitano and a ruling against him for a trial with the player Gonzalo Verón, which forces him to pay a million-dollar sum.

What is the new commission? We were all with (Julio) Comparada, (Javier) Cantero, (Hugo) Moyano… Which one is it? This management is more of the same. Management (Fabian) Doman is more of the same. I’m not going to give names, they know who they are, but there are many leaders from previous administrations,” said the former striker, world champion in 1978.

Santiago Maratea thinks about a collection to save Independiente

santi maratea
Santi Maratea and the dream collection to save the Avellaneda club.

As a result of the institutional crisis of Independiente that exploded this Tuesday with the resignation of Fabián Doman as president, the influencer Santiago Maratea appeared on the scene to propose possible exits to the blind alley in which the Avellaneda club is located.

On his Twitter account, Maratea wrote: “Since Sunday I only receive messages from Independiente fans, so I ask a question only for the Red people, they are there to organize us, collect fans and try to help someone at this time. One of the most important clubs in America?

“Independiente has 6 million fans and something like 115 thousand members (who pay 4 thousand pesos per month) Yes only 2 million fans They only put the same amount that a partner puts in every month (4 thousand pesos) you get to raise 20 million dollars and pay all the debtkiss,” he thought.

“Obviously, if I do this collection, I would do it like I do the rest of the bone, making sure that I have 100% of the handling of the money and thus guarantee that no one can steal a peso,” the influencer clarified.


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