River won and is a leader, while Boca lost to Colón

mouth and river they attract but oppose each other, avoid each other but need each other. That is the historical life of these rivals and this weekend it was confirmed again, Román Iucht presented in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

River is the unquestionable leader of this tournament and yesterday he gave a great demonstration of football and forcefulness, winning Huracán 3-0.

But what he exposed, especially in that first half, was fantastic, and he had two goals from the Venezuelan Solomon Rondon. In the second half, after a penalty saved precisely by the Venezuelan, Enzo Perez He took the rebound and scored, but the referee charged for invasion of the area and it was executed again. This time it was Esequiel Boat who sealed the final result.

San Lorenzo won and Racing and Independiente lost

There are individuals who are at a very good level. And in 10 games there is a marked style of Demicheliswith a solid background and a forward midfield with a lot of play and precision.

Still not tied in the championship: 8 wins and 2 losses. And for that reason he took 4 points from his immediate pursuer, San Lorenzo.

Mouth and a contrasting reality

On the other side, Boca and everything that this moment means. Jorge Almirón was with Juan Román Riquelme watching the match.

In the whole of the Ribera the names are there but they still need to be finished amalgamating. Colón took advantage of Boca’s multiple errors, and 50 seconds into the game, Wanchope Abila He took advantage of a lack of concentration in the fund and made it 1 to 0.

Racing fell into the Forest and missed an opportunity to stay on

In the complement, Boca changed his attitude somewhat and Oscar Romero tied, after a lucky deflection. However, agonizingly, the Uruguayan andres teuten He beat Javier García again and ended a massive exodus of the xeneize fan, obviously upset by the performance.

Today start the Almiron cycle, and after morning training, it will be officially presented. The mystery of the DT’s name is over, but the question remains as to when he will find the right level.


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