Rodrigo De Paul’s emotional response to the post published by Nico Paz

The Argentine National Team could not get the classification to the final hexagonal of the South American Sub 20. Due to this situation, sadness was the feeling that invaded the entire campus and due to this situation, Nico Paz published a post on his social networks referring to what happened in Colombia.

“We gave it our all but we couldn’t achieve it. I am very proud to belong to this wonderful team both personally and professionally. I would also like to thank the coaching staff for the confidence they gave me from the very beginning. Football has these things and there is no choice but to move on.“, was the meaning of the message.

Immediately, the young man received messages of encouragement after the heavy defeat, including the response given by a player who, a few days ago, the footballer kissed the World Cup trophy.

“The road is very long Nico! Take the positive and above all enjoy that you are wearing the most beautiful shirt of all”Rodrigo De Paul wrote to him after this hard moment for one of the joys of our beloved Albiceleste.