“Rulo PayPal”: Germans save up to 40% buying in pesos

This Monday 23, german users who handled their credit cards with PayPal in Argentine pesos instead of euros will save around 40% in each transaction. The German newspaper Bild announced what happened in its article “Paypal cookie! Users will save 40 percent on EVERYTHING”,

The benefit to customers would have been given as consequence of a possible error in the platform of transfers originated in the stage of Conversion between the euro and the Argentine peso. Nevertheless, not all credit cards were supported.

According to comments from the platform My offer , the flaw could only be exploited with the following Visa debit and credit cards: DKB, ING Diba, Amazon Visa, Klarna, Vivid and Barclays. For Mastercard and Revolut customers the “trick” did not work.

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Local users reported purchases and transfers of funds through PayPal’s “Friends and Family” feature, sending €1,000 but only being charged €600, according to information from Bild.

Another person told Bild that they bought software for $186 through Paypal with an ING Diba Visa credit card. Before, they had removed the card from their account and added it back with the Argentine Pesos (ARS) currency. Currently, 186 dollars correspond to about 171 euros according to the exchange rate, but they were only debited 100 euros.

“If and how this curious situation of PayPal, apparently caused by the megainflation of the Argentine pesoIt will be corrected or it can be corrected, it is still uncertain at the moment”, they indicated in the German media. According to what was reported, the error would have already been corrected and, there would even be some blocking of PayPal accounts so that they would not continue taking advantage of this mechanic.

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How the PayPal rule worked

Step by Step Guide: PayPal Currency Conversion According to Bild:

  • Log in to PayPal account and click on “Wallet”;
  • Click on “Add credit card” and complete the form;
  • After you have created the credit card, select the card in the summary;
  • Click on the “Change” link under the “Currency” item;
  • Later select ARS (Argentine Pesos) as currency;
  • Select the added credit card as preferred payment method,
  • Finally save the changes. So you will be ready to pay with the credit card in ARS via PayPal.


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