San Lorenzo could lose a key figure days before the start of the Professional League

A few days after the start of the Professional Soccer League (LPF), San Lorenzo he could lose his captain Federico Gattoniwho they place “close” to signing for him seville of spain in the midst of the conflict over the extension of his contract at the Boedo club.

The newspaper Delaware Seville publishes today that the entity of Andalusia”After considering different options for the last reinforcement in the defense, he has decided on another option for the future and the current defender of San Lorenzo can become the next signing“.

gattoni23 years old, maximum referent of the establishment after the retirement of sebastian torrico Y Nestor Ortigoza at the end of last year, found himself in conflict with the leadership of San Lorenzo for the renewal of the bond that expires on June 30.

Negotiations with your representative Marcelo Lombillaof old conflicts with the leadership azulgranaThey haven’t found a meeting point for seven months. The difference that locks the agreement lies in the termination clause to execute the eventual departure.

The footballer’s representation pressures so that this amount is not too high in order to facilitate a sale in the future, but in San Lorenzo they are not willing to lose the player for less than his real value, regardless of the risk involved in the freedom of action from July 1st.

If you do not sign, gattoni he risks staying a semester without playing until he is released and San Lorenzo Thus, they would lose not only their captain but also one of their best figures from the past tournament. The team of insúa will debut this Saturday at the LPF 2023 when you receive an Arsenal at the New Gasometer from 5:00 p.m.