San Lorenzo is still active in the market and adds two more players

San Lorenzo accompanies the arrivals of the goalkeeper this afternoon altamirano and the Colombian defender carlos sanchezto those who will integrate the payroll to play the championship of the Professional Soccer League (LPF).

The Boedo institution arranged with Banfield the assignment of Altamiranowho during the past year was a figure in sponsorship in obtaining the argentinian cup. The 26-year-old goalkeeper will go to Cyclone in exchange for $200,000 plus expenses and taxes for the loan. In addition, there will be a cash purchase option of 1.6 million dollars, due in December of this year.

Instead, the central defender sanchez36 years old and last passing through Santa Fe Independent from Bogotá, you will arrive with the pass in your possession. The defender, nicknamed The rockhe wore the t-shirts fiorentina (Italy), west ham, astonville Y watford (all from England); Elche Y Spanish (Spain), among other European clubs.

While the eventual incorporation of the Colombian defender rafael perezof workshopsIt was complicated since the player did not show up for the estimated medical check-up for the day.