Santa Fe: a 12-year-old girl died and they suspect it was due to a TikTok challenge

a 12-year-old girl found dead in his bedroom, in his house in the Santa Fe town of Captain Bermudezin the Gran Rosario, and his family suspects that the death occurred as a result of a viral tiktok challenge.

According to the results of the expertise, the minor lost his life by hanging and no signs of abuse or third-party involvement are detected.

Four young people died in a crash: it is being investigated whether it was part of a viral TikTok challenge

Laura Luque, aunt of the victim who died in Capitán Bermúdez, was the one who alerted everyone to the event on her Facebook account so that parents are aware of what their children could be subjected to.

They are usually the youngest, the ones who are prone to fall for viral challenges.

The pain for the death of Milagros.

The pain for the death of Milagros

“Hello everyone. My name is Lali. I make public what I am living. She is miracles (referring to a photo that accompanies the post), my little niece, who today (for the last Friday) I lost my life doing a TikTok challenge. Please I ask you to share. My family and I have no consolation,” the woman posted along with a photo of the girl.

Miracles died for mechanical asphyxia by hangingaccording to the newspaper Clarion, who spoke with an investigator who has access to the case. In addition, he remarked that “there are no signs of abuse or intervention by third parties.”

At the moment, the case is being investigated by a alleged suicidebut Justice kidnapped the victim’s cell phone, because it was in his bedroom.

They detonated an explosive and went deaf: a teenager was the victim of a viral TikTok challenge

How is the dangerous viral challenge of TikTok “blackout challenge”

Suspicions suggest that the death of the girl would have occurred within the framework of the challenge “blackout challenge“, which consists of holding your breath for as long as possible.

The main -and dangerous- objective has to do with fainting from shortness of breathso that later, those who accept the challenge, Share your feelings on TikTok.

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