Santi Maratea promotes a collection to save Independiente: “If 2 million fans put up money, you pay all the debt”

As a result of the institutional crisis of independent that I explode this Tuesday with the resignation of Fabián Doman as presidentthe influencer Santiago Maratearecognized by the million-dollar collections in different causes, he paired with the situation of the Red and do something.

In his Twitter account, Maratea wrote: “Since Sunday I only receive messages from Independiente fans, so a question only for the people I ask in red, They are here to organize us, collect fans and try to help one of the most important clubs in America right now.?”.

And then he went on to develop his idea: “Independiente has 6 million fans and something like 115,000 members (who pay 4,000 pesos per month) If only 2 million fans put in one time the same amount that a partner puts in every month (4,000 pesos), you get to raise 20 million dollars and pay all the debt,kiss”.

“Obviously what If I do this collection, I would do it like I do the rest of the bone, making sure that 100% of the handling of the money is mine. and thus guarantee that no one can steal a single peso”, clarified the influencer.