Sarlo: “CFK is the leader who has taken on the traits of a monarch the most”

Beatrice Sarlorecognized intellectual, wishing that Cristina Kirchner avoid talking about the present because you have little good to say about the current situation. In addition, he relativized the weight that he may have Javier miley at the national level. “It is a phenomenon of large urban concentrations,” she analyzed in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

What did yesterday’s words from Cristina Kirchner leave you?

In his speech he made an almost literary synthesis of his career. It is obvious that he could make that speech. It is not a speech that is out of step with the times we live in, Christina has the talent to tune that time well.

Every leader has that talent. If not, he doesn’t become a leader, which not a complimentbecause we can make the list of leaders who, tuning in to that talent, did not give exceptional results.

Defense of the Government, criticism of Macri and memories of the past: the key definition of Cristina Kirchner for the 20 years of Kirchnerism

Did you see any sign regarding the future of Kirchnerism or Peronism?

Well, there were the grandchildren. maybe we have the Kirchner dynasty foreverbeyond our own lives. Apart from this joke, Cristina’s “iron guard” was on stage.

Peter’s Wadonext to that iron guard that he has found a path of political ascent that, perhaps, would have been much more difficult if he had not practiced that confidence and that hope made public by Cristina.

It seems to me that what you say about the grandchildren, beyond the fact that it can be taken as something secondary, cannot be. I was shocked to see her accompanying Máximo’s eldest son, greeting and doing so, greeting the public. She left me with the feeling that there was some desire, even in an embryonic state…

It may be that there was. All monarchs transmit their gestures and Cristina Kirchner is the Argentine leader who has taken the traits of a monarch the mosttherefore, it has to rise to its full lineage to see if it ensures, over the decades, even when neither it nor we are in this world, a continuity.

Who accompanied Cristina on stage: candidates, officials, relatives and artists

They are desires that one could call “imaginary desires”, as Sebreli once called them. She has had the talent or the luck of turn your desires into politics.

The feeling I was left with is that the speech had a point in the past, reviewing what had been done and self-praise, and another in the long-term future, the next generation, but little present. Therefore, the desire for the decimated generation to take the baton is not to win today, but to build a future. Do you share this vision?

I agree with you. about the present, Cristina has little good to say. Therefore, being a person who never gets into discursive circumstances that force her to speak criticizing what is being done in the present, she skips that.

How long is the word pronounced? nestorpeople over 50 years of age can remember that intersection of Plaza de Mayo when Néstor Kirchner arrived, remember better times than Néstor’s, and Cristina, when evoking that past, makes a footnote quote.

Eduardo Fidanza: “It is likely that Cristina Kirchner will end up leaning towards Wado de Pedro”

Like when one writes and suddenly says “well, now I’m going to quote something that is really nice, because what I’m writing is not very nice.”

So, that quote from Néstor is that. It is the appointment that constitutes the past as a place that strengthens the future, because if we had that past, why can’t we have that future?

I still have the same feeling of a present strategy that is more defensive than offensive, and the existence of the future is like a consolation for the probable little present. We wonder even if it is not his last Plaza de Mayo.

About the present she can hardly speak. This Government, as well as the previous Government, has failed in a huge number of fields.

Caparrós: ​​”In Argentina no group or leader arouses confidence”

Argentina has become a country that we did not suppose would be the way it is today, with this very high percentage of poorof boys out of school, of people living on the street, we did not suppose that.

Therefore, except that you become a transforming leader, that she has neither the strength nor the political party to do it, nor do I know if she has the desire, talking about the present is not convenient. It is convenient to say “we were this and we will be that”.

Maslatón was in the Plaza de Mayo and left enthusiastic about Cristina Kirchner: “I had the same reading as her”

The demagogy of Javier Milei

You said that Milei says the same thing as people on the street. What reflection does the Mile phenomenon generate in you, seeing that in the provincial elections what the polls say is not reflected? Do you think it is overrated?

I have the feeling that Milei is a phenomenon of large urban concentrations. I could not give a well-founded opinion on how public opinion is in the provinces and in the federal states. But I can give a well-founded opinion, because I walk a lot on the street.

Milei translates that into what is heard in large urban concentrations. The things he says, verbatim. “They are all crap”, “everyone is there to fill themselves with twine”, “nobody takes care of me”, people who are receiving State planes say that, for example, or who can go to a public hospital. I see it very clearly in the city of Buenos Aires.

Milei wants dollarization, but has no plan yet

There is a state of absolute despair that should be interpreted in historical terms. What were the fantasies of greatness that, those of us who live in important cities like Buenos Aires, believed at a certain moment and were not realized.

The intern of Together for Change

Regarding Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich said, In an interview on this channel, “I’m like Milei, anti-caste, anti-establishment.” How do you see the inmate between her and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta?

In principle, it is extraordinary that someone who has not disappeared from politics in years, since he stopped being a liberal, says that he is anti-caste. He made all the efforts, and some of them turned out very well, to join the political system.

It’s picturesque that there are leaders like Milei or Bullrich who talk about anti-caste making all the moves and having their entire team to enter what they call caste.

Patricia Bullrich: “I also vote against the apparatus, against the corporation, against political arrangements”

His speech is similar to Milei’s. Very simple speeches, which do not require the listener to make a considerable political intellectual effort.

Alfonsín’s speech, to give a historical example, or even Néstor’s speech in his best moments, asked those who listened to them some intellectual effort political.

Today, these speeches are slogan speeches, they are pitch speeches. That is what Bullrich also does quite successfully. The fact that he plays a woman is important to that success.

A poll ranked JxC as the winning force and Milei as the candidate with the most votes

Polls indicate that the majority of Milei’s voters are male…

Indeed, It is a figure that can attract more men, but I don’t know how polls are done, I don’t distrust polls, but I find approval for Milei that crosses the divide between sexual options and the sexes. I think it crosses that divide.

He is a strong figure. As if you had a cousin who defends you against the arbitrariness of uncles, aunts and parents. Milei is that cousin, he is a strong figure.


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