Savage beating: a young man was kicked, bottled and beaten while unconscious

On Saturday morning at the corner of Italia and Paso de los Andes in Las Rosas, Santa Fe one young man brutally attacked another and I hit him while he was unconscious. The beating was recorded by a witness’s camera.

This violent episode sets off alarms in the midst of increased social sensitivity due to the progress of the trial for the beating of Fernando Báez Sosa at the exit of a bowling alley.

According to the local site lasrosasdigital one young man brutally beat another and continued to hit him even after knocking him unconscious. The attacker gave the victim a flying kick and, after the blow, the young man collapsed and when attacking he continued to hit him. This man had first thrown a bottle at his head and then punched him in the facial area.either

Warning: the video is shocking and could hurt your sensitivity

Those who were in the place began to shout for them to stop and one of them separated them. In the final seconds of the video, the woman is heard asking for an ambulance while several people surround the victim and try to help her.

The young man received assistance from the Community Medical Care System (SAMco). Health sources reported that the victim suffered sequelae from the beatings, such as edema and injuries from various reasons for which she must be controlled.

According to the aforementioned media, the fact was also denounced by both parties at the 1st Police Station.


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