Scaloni spoke in the preview of the FIFA date: “You have to continue and not fall asleep”

lionel scalonicoach of the Argentine national teamHe downloaded a message to the players today, in advance of the friendly matches next week and the following week against Panama and curacaonoting that “soccer is like life, you don’t have to fall asleep on what you’ve achieved and move on to improve.”

“Football, like life, is like that: you don’t have to fall asleep on what you’ve achieved, but keep improving continuously. Thats why we We will always give opportunities to the boys who come playing at a good level“, warning scaloni.

“We will always give chances to play to those who we really believe are better in each call, because there are constantly young people who are coming out. And that will happen when we believe that we should give an opportunity to those who have to have them. Because what is clear here is that After winning the World Cup, you have to keep going and not fall asleep”, remarked the coach who at this time is visiting his family in his native city of Pujato in Santa Fe.

“For example, the The Best award that FIFA gave me for the best coach in the world, I value it more from the group than from the individual. AND I’m not thinking about it all day either”, he pointed out.

And finally the 44-year-old coach looked back, to the immediate past, to inevitably refer to the third world Cup achieved by Argentina is Qatarand on the review point that “I wouldn’t change anything I did then. First of all because of how it all ended, obviously, but also because I think that everything he used to do was done ”, he concluded.

one of those things he did scaloni during the world was not to inform the players of the formation of the starting team until shortly before the start of a game, following the advice of his former colleague Silver river, Marcelo Gallardoprobably so it wouldn’t leak to the press if it was leaked well in advance.