Scaloni’s tremendous praise for Lionel Messi: “I never saw him”

The coach of the Argentine national team, lionel scalonihighlighted the leadership of the captain Lionel Messi and he assured that what he “transmits” he did not see “never” in “anyone”.

In an interview conducted in Spain for Jorge Valdanochampion of World with the albiceleste is Mexico 1986, scaloni highlighted the leadership of Messi and he became excited again with the possibility of playing the next World Cup.

The value of Messi in the dressing room and the chance that he will play in the next World Cup

He is logically a soccer leader but when he speaks he says the right words. And what he transmits to his partner I have never seen, in any person, it is incredible”, he described scaloni.

I can tell it, but they will have to live it. What it transmits… How colleagues look at it and the admiration with which they look at it”, described the world champion coach in Qatar 2022.

“He is happy on a field and with the National Team shirt. Age, for everyone and for him too, is a ‘handicap’ but surely having him in a group and having the 10th in a World Cup will generate something. I would leave it there, then we’ll see, “he said.

Scaloni, champion like Menotti and Bilardo

Valdanoworld champion in 1986 in that team led by Diego Maradonaalso consulted scaloni by the fact of being “at the table” of Cesar Menotti Y carlos salvador billard.

“I don’t feel comfortable at that table. It would have to be that way out of respect for their career and it fills me with pride because we all grew up with them. But I never think that I want to sit down or be on a par with them,” Scaloni said in this regard.