Sebastián Saja is excited about the arrival of Messi at Inter Miami

The future of Lionel Messi remains uncertain. After the elimination of Paris Saint Germain from the Champions League The renewal does not appear and that is why there is already talk of several places where the Argentine could go: Saudi Arabia, Barcelona and InterMiami. Precisely in the latter they have been seducing him for a long time and a compatriot of the world champion is excited about his arrival.

Here there is an enormous illusion that it can come. Not just from the club or the people who support the team, but from the entire league. He talks about how it can be like that. You can start a revolution“, commented sebastian saja David Beckham’s club goalkeeping coach is Radio Sports D.

And he added: “There are few things that have made a before and after in this league. A contract like Messi’s would be the only one that could make this league grow in an extraordinary way. He is the best player in the world and, at the moment he is, thinking that the World Cup is coming…”

Inter Miami has been dreaming about Messi for a while

“Leo Messi continues to be one of the best players in the world, his abilities have not diminished,” he said. George Moreco-owner and executive director of Inter in statements to the newspaper The New Herald. And he added: “I think that if he leaves PSG, the moment he leaves, we would love for Lionel Messi to be an Inter Miami player and become part of our community. It can happen? We will push. I am an optimist at heart. Can I see that that is out of place? It’s a posibility”.

I have always said that I want the best players to be in our club and play with our shirt“Beckham said.

I hope Messi comes to MLS because it would be a benefit for the league and for the country. If he wishes, he will have fun and be happy here.“, commented gonzalo HiguainFormer Inter Miami striker.