Shakira’s front labeling

Excess resentment, high criticism, lack of sisterhood. It seems that a song can now also be tagged, warn us like sodium or saturated fat, the possible evil content. Phrases like “you traded a ferrari for a swingingeither” either “women no longer cry women billThey were under everyone’s magnifying glass.

First is the debate whether a song is a political anthem or a bit of fiction., the letter is literal, or is it an invention about reality? Didn’t we all fall into the trap of listening over and over again to the direct hints of the Colombian singer? We consume the very fiction that she invented of her life. However, the exhaustive analyzes on the letter populated the networks, the newspapers, until the sides were generated in favor of Shakira your favor of Pique. Lali herself published it on her Twitter account: “… It’s music, guys. And this has always been done…”

Bizzarrap and Shakira.

Another debate increased the tension of the subject with almost 200 million views, whether or not the song is feminist. And here the desire for (self) determination emerges. People who believe that because they have intellectual power or media power they can define in such a simple way what it is to be a feminist, such a complex issue, it becomes easy to settle. The worst situation, they put us on a scale: jilted feminist doesn’t count, millionaire feminist less than less, feminist who criticizes another woman, and the list of cons goes on. Not only Shakira went through the moral magnifying glass, also Clara Chia, the woman with whom Piqué was unfaithful to the singer. The same ones that define the feminism of this time, also classify a woman as non-sorora, or worse, of not deserving it.

Shakira, that finances do not splash you

Perhaps if we assume that the controversy of the song attracts us, due to the same condition of fiction that it entails, we don’t need to place ourselves on a scale of one to ten how feminist it is ShakiraClara Chía, if crying takes away our billing, or vice versa. (And this is written by a person who considers himself a feminist)

There is no debate and reflection that is not bad, but interpreting is not the same as qualifying. Taking ownership of a movement, as heterogeneous as feminism, requires much more arrogance than naming yourself like a Ferrari or a Rolex.

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