Sharp decision by Pipo Gorosito with Brian Fernández in Colón: “That’s it”

Columbus visits independent for a new date professional league, That is why Néstor Gorosito gave a press conference before the game. Right there he referred to the situation of Brian Fernández and sentenced the player’s future.

“Brian Fernández missed two training sessions. He did not have permission. I told him I gave him a chance and I gave him two… that’s it. He has to talk to the people at the club to see how he is doing. I’m not a psychologist, I have to give him priority to group”explained pipo. The former Racing and Ferro was absent, without permission from the club, to training on Thursday and Friday.

And I add: “It happened to him many times. I spoke to him as a father, as a neighborhood kid that he is also. It is an issue that he must resolve. I cannot say something for which I am not qualified.”

The return of Brian Fernández to Colón

On October 6 of last year, the striker was arrested by the Santa Fe police after being found throwing stones and causing disturbances at a bus stop. After being hospitalized for almost a month in the Iturraspe Hospital for Psychotic attackbegan a recovery process with a group of professionals.

Brian Fernandez

Fernández has had several episodes in which he accused drug addiction problems, something that prevented him from going through his cycles as a player regularly. When recovering, he sabalero gave him a new opportunity and made him sign a bond until June 2023, but pipo I’m sure you won’t have him anymore.