Shocking rescue of a baby who was walking on the cornice of a second floor

United Nations kid three-year-old peeked out of the window of an apartment located in the streetcar neighborhoodin the province of Cordova. fortunately a neighbor witnessed the dangerous sequence and took the initiative to climb to the second floor, while the baby lay kneeling on the ledge. The hero made it to the window and they replaced placing the boy out of the danger zone.

The episode took place in a property located at 304 Juan Bautista Gaona street, a few meters from Duarte Quirós avenue. The local police intervened and once the rescue was completed the child was handed over to his fathera 32 year old man.

The shocking images became known through a Twitter post that released the video that reproduced the exact moment in which a neighbor, helped by local police officers, climbed up the side wall of the buildingjust below the window where the endangered baby was found.

This is how they rescued a three-year-old baby who was walking on the window ledge on the second floor. It was in Juan Bautista Gaona street of B ° Tranviarios. They gave it to the parents,” explained the author of the tweet.


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