Spanish citizenship: the General Consulate of Spain makes the delivery of documentation more flexible

He Consulate General of Spain in the city of Buenos Aires communicated through his official Twitter account the flexibility at the time of the delivery of documentation by the applicants who are carrying out the process of obtaining the Spanish citizenship through Grandchildren Law. What is it about?

The decision made by the consular authorities enables future beneficiaries to appear in person at the offices of the chancellery, even if they have not completed the list of requirementsthe one that will be able to conclude virtually sending the missing by means of electronic mail.

The embassy of the European nation promoted the initiative with the main objective that applicants do not lose the previous turn awarded and thus be able to present the essential papers to process the double nationality.

Grandchildren Law: changes in the shift system to process Spanish citizenship

Spanish citizenship: delivery of documentation

In this sense, in order to facilitate the management of the Spanish citizenship to the interested parties who are covered within the Grandchildren Law or also called Democratic Memory Law (LMD), the Consulate General of Spain established the subsequent policy on March 31, 2023.

“Those who have previously been assigned a procedure identifier (IDU) as of January 1, 2022, in accordance with the search order, but who still do not have an appointment or appointment, are enabled to receive an email that will invite them to select the convenient day and time virtually to complete the process in person”.

Grandchildren Law: how to process online the birth certificate of Spanish grandparents?

University cooperation between Spain and Argentina

Latest monday 3 april lan ambassador of SpainMaría Jesús Alonso together with the Cultural Councilor, Luis Marina and the Education Councilor, Juan Cruz Aragoneses received the rector of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Ricardo Gelpi to strengthen university cooperation between Spain and Argentina.

Spain streamlines procedures for foreign professionals who wish to emigrate

Spanish citizenship
Spanish citizenship for Argentines

On December 27, 2018, the Educational Cooperation Agreement between both countries. Within this regulatory framework, the recognition of qualifications Argentines is Spain It is carried out based on the “Mutual recognition agreement for titles and certificates of primary education, secondary education, baccalaureate and higher education.

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