Spot an ocelot walking through the Iguazú National Park

Meanwhile, as every night, he was carrying out his routine tasks in the Iguazú National Park, Misioneshe park ranger federico barrera He got a beautiful surprise when he noticed the surprising presence of youocelot (Leopardus pardalis)) walking, like a hotdog around his house, taking advantage of the landscape darkness.

As Barrera commented in an interview with Online MissionsEverything happened on the night of Tuesday, March 14, while I was inspecting the area located in the vicinity of Cataratas Station and, surprisingly, he saw an ocelot walking alone quietly through the place, so he quickly activated the camera of your cell phone to record that magical encounter with the animal that, according to what he believes, is a adult specimen.

“It was nice. It was left a lot of time. He was in the place for a long time. It was exciting,” said the missionary park ranger.

It is the first time that I have the beautiful possibility of finding a specimen of this species and it was something really incredibleBarrera concluded.

For his part, from National Park Iguazu issued a press release in which they explained that “they are constantly working on the protection and conservation of native fauna that lives in the protected area, so the these labors”.


Visitors to the park are invited to stay alert and respect the rules established for the protection of wildlife and the environment.”, concluded the specialists.

Also called “onza cat”, or “jaguatirica”” in Portuguese, the ocelot is a forest mammal original From the american continent who lives alone in areas where trees with dense foliage abound.


In the Argentina inhabits various ecoregionsamong which stand out the Humid Chaco, the Dry Chaco, the Yungas, The Ibe Wetlandsrá and the Paraná Forest.