Stillitano defined the eleven of Independiente for the debut against Talleres: “The team is practically closed”

This Thursday morning, Independiente trained in Villa Domínico and the technical director Leandro Stillitano commented at a press conference that the team is practically closed for the debut in the Professional League on Saturday before Talleres at 7:15 p.m.

“We are very calm. It’s time to debut against a difficult rival in a province that brings back very nice memories to Independiente. We fully arrived at the game with Córdoba and we arrived as we wanted to arrive this week”, declared Stillitano.

He also expressed that The sanctions that were lifted from the players who will have to comply for the last tournament influenced them because he did not lose Edgar Elizalde in most of the friendly matches because he believed that he was not going to have the footballer and he wanted to see some situations on the field. He also clarified that between now and Saturday he will see if he plays or not.

On the other hand, he added:The adaptation in Independiente Sarrafiore and Barcia will do it when they start playing in Independiente. In order not to make physical mistakes, we are going to take it little by little. They are not going to play on Saturday. Surely they are going to add minutes in the friendly that we have ahead of us”, commented the coach. And then he said: “Cauteruccio and Giménez are compatible. It may be that at some point they will play together”.

The eleven of Independiente for the debut of the Professional League 2023

In morning practice the coach stopped the following one time: Rodrigo Rey; Luciano Gomez, Sergio Barreto, Edgar Elizalde, Ayrton Costa; Agustín Mulet, Iván Marcone; Tomás Pozzo, Juan Cazares, Rodrigo Márquez and Matías Giménez Rojas.

When does Independiente play?

Independiente’s debut in the 2023 Professional League will be as a visitor this Saturday, January 28 at 7:15 p.m. before Talleres in Córdoba. the match will have the arbitration of Hernán Mastrángelo and television ESPN Premium.