Stillitano did not save anything and replied to Doman: “I am not going to leave”

Leandro Stillitano responded to the statements made by the president of independent, Fabian Doman, who maintained that he does not like to be in charge of a team that has not won for six dates.

Taking into account Doman’s spicy appreciations, the current Red coach said: “We all want to win, the president, the players and the coach”remarked.

Regarding his continuity in the Stillitano team, he added that “He is not going to leave and that he is comfortable with his coaching staff and the footballers”, with which he faces this contest.

“We have not been able to convince in points what we did and we have been working. The only way is to continue. Some injuries harmed us and did not allow me to repeat the eleven”said.

Finally, the Independiente helmsman is aware of his reality in the championship and hopes that the outlook will improve in the following matches. “I see that the fans understand the club’s moment and continue to support it”sure.