Strong parades appeared in La Bombonera after the closing: “Boca against everyone”

Hours before the start of the match against Central Córdoba for the second date of the Professional League, The surroundings of La Bombonera woke up with strong parades alluding to the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office specialized in Massive Events to close a sector of the stadium for this afternoon.

“Mouth against all”says one of the four who are hanging in the area, among which are points to the previous leadership forcefully

As a result of the excess capacity in the last day against Atlético Tucumán, days ago an investigation was opened that culminated in the disqualification of the South Superior Tribunebut with the particularity that this notification was recently given yesterday, it gave the club little room to relocate the members who have their place already reserved to cheer on the team.

As a result of this controversy, today in the mediations of La Bombonera, very harsh banners were glimpsed with messages that point squarely against the previous board of directors. “They hurt the club from the inside, now they hurt it from the outside”holds one, while another nearby adds: “They do not hurt this leadership, they hurt the partner”.

The messages against the opposition did not stop there: “Mouth against everyone. And against you”; “the feeling does not close”they sentence the other two parades.

Why was a sector of La Bombonera closed?

The decision of the unit in charge of prosecutor Celsa Ramírez was made in accordance with the expert reports submitted by engineers and architectsand after the recorded incidents last Sunday in the Boca – Atlético Tucumán match due to a surplus of public in various sectors of the stadium.

It is a real danger in normal conditions and much more when the capacity is exceeded. Last Sunday, according to a people counter, there were sectors with 106% occupancy“, information from judicial sources that participated in the visual inspection.