Strong setback for Independiente: FIFA ruled in favor of America and is inhibited

It seems that little by little the problem between Independiente and América is coming to an end. After several years and negotiations, now the Red received the judgment from fifa and he must pay the Mexican club the money he owes for the transfer of Cecilio Domínguez.

The mother house of soccer sanctioned the Avellaneda team: it will not be able to incorporate a national and international level until it settles the debt of 5$700,000 plus interest earned.

The Eagles They don’t want to have any relationship with him. Redsince they have been coming up with this issue for three years, and for this reason they do not intend to negotiate a payment plan or anything, They want the debt to be paid in full. In this way, the leaders will look for a way to settle the debt before June, when a new repo market opens, if that time passes, the amount could grow due to interest.

What’s more, the Mexican entity began a process to request the removal of points and the loss of the category, but FIFA ruled in favor of Independiente. In the midst of America’s request, Fabian Doman spoke on the subject:América requests a sports sanction against Independiente for a debt. A sports sanction can be of any type and color, any madness that one imagines. And it doesn’t ask for player purchase inhibition, which is what it was supposed to ask for. We have made four payment proposals for October here. Therefore we are not a disappeared debtor, who does not want to pay. In fact, if they had accepted our proposal, they would have already charged a fee and would charge another in March”, details in DS Radio.


The good news in all this is that the leadership moved quickly in the transfer market and will be able to use the 12 players who incorporated.

Where does Cecilio Domínguez play now?

The Paraguayan was the most expensive purchase in the history of Independiente, he left through the back door in a questionable negotiation to MLS Austin. There he was free and created by the Saints Lagoon of Mexico.


Independiente pass market

  • Heights: kevin lopez (Quilmes), Mauritius Leather (Banfield), Martin Cauteruccio (Aldosivi), rodrigo rey (Gym), elias contreras (He came back from Brown de Adrogue), damian perez (Arsenal), luciano gomez (Loan from Argentines), Thomas Ortega (He returned from Institute), brayan martinez (He came back from Aldosivi), Augustine Mulet (Loan from Vélez), matias gimenez (San Martin de San Juan), javier baez (Rosario Center), balthazar bracia (Rentists, Uruguay).
  • Low: Sebastian Sosa (free), Gonzalo Asis (from La Plata), Alex Vigo (He returned to River), Juan Insaurralde (Sarmiento), lucas rodriguez (Rosario Center), John Pacchini (FROM Ierapetra, Greece), Lucas Romero (Leon, Mexico), Alan Sonora (free), Damian Batallini (He returned to Argentinos), leandro fernandez (Free and facundo ferreyra (He returned to Xolos, Mexico), renzo bacchia (Loan to Cerro Largo, Uruguay), juan da rosa (He returned from Almagro and went to Argentino de Quilmes), mauro molina (He returned from Quilmes and went on loan to Defensores de Belgrano), Milton Alvarez (Quilmes), Leandro Benegas (Colo Colo, Chile).