Tagliafico told a funny anecdote, with Lautaro Martínez as the protagonist, in the penalties against the Netherlands

Nicolás Tagliafico, world champion in Qatar 2022, revealed how the team came up with the dramatic penalty shootout against Netherlands in the world Cup yy explained why the situation got so heated.

“People from outside say that this, that the other; the adrenaline that a game like this has, where the thing was not from one side alone, it was from both, because one does not react to someone who does nothing, I do not I’m going to warm up with you if you don’t tell me anything”he told the Olympique de Lyon footballer.

“They told us things every time he was going to kick one, as they approached him they said something to him, maybe no one understands English so I don’t know what they were going to say”, the defender laughed in dialogue with the streaming lucas rodriguez.

Subsequently, Tagliafico emphasized the last penalty, an execution that was carried out by Lautaro Martínez: “I think that (Denzel) Dumfries went to speak to Lautaro, who are friends or Inter teammates, so maybe he said something to him in Italian, I don’t know.” But he went further with more smiles: “What could the goalkeeper say to Lautaro? If Lauta de pedo speaks Spanish, he won’t understand a damn in English.”


Also, the former Independent account that emiliano drawing Martínez gave them confidence in the previous as in the 2021 Copa América against Colombia, assuring that he would save shots: “Against the Netherlands, I don’t remember if he said two but he said ‘I’m going to save a penalty, so go kick calmly'”, recorded.

Besides, Tagliafico gave his analysis of the debut loss with Saudi Arabia. “At first it was fine, calm down, we were controlling it, it didn’t seem unusual, when we began to see the line of Arabia very very high, we already knew that but it is one thing to see it on video and another there, in practice, in the Moment,” he revealed.

“We started to try to find that space behind their line, it came out, but the VAR also screwed us up because it was just there. I think that if that goal is scored, Lautaro’s, everything changes, because you start to be more peace man”pointed out the 30-year-old soccer player.

“However, we started winning, but it’s not the same from a penalty kick as from a play, because they want it or not, when they saw that the defensive line was not working for them, they were going to change things. judgment.

Source: NA