Take note: all the details and what you should know about the Professional League

The preseason is behind us and now the looks of the fans of the Argentine soccer focused on the beginning of local competition. On the last weekend of January, a new contest will start, in which 28 teams will fight to win the precious trophy.

How is it played?

It is a championship with a format of all against all and in a competition with 27 exciting days. It will begin next Friday, January 27 and end on August 5.

When does the 2023 Professional League Cup start?

a tournament that is scheduled to start on August 20 and will end on December 16. Its format has two zones with 14 teams and an interzonal date. The four winners of each side will access the Quarterfinals, later direct elimination games will be played until reaching the grand final.

Promotions and Relegations for this 2023

In this new season the highest category had the arrival of Belgrano de Córdoba and Institutecampuses from the First National. Board of Trustees and Aldosivi, for their part, they had no luck and will play in the second category this year.

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How many teams are relegated and raised this year?

After the dispute of the two tournaments in the year, the averages will again be the judges of the luck of each team, since they will determine the fate of two clubs, while the last team that will lose the category will leave the annual table.

Two teams will be promoted to the First Division in 2024.

Which will be the teams classified to the International Cups?

They will qualify for the Copa Libertadores the winners of the Copa Argentina, Copa de la Liga Profesional and Liga Profesional together with the three best located in the annual table.

The teams located in the fourth to ninth position in the annual table they will be able to access the other continental contest.

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