Tension in the debate in commission for the impeachment of the Supreme Court of Justice

This Thursday in the Chamber of Deputies the first meeting of the Impeachment Committee was held who seeks to prosecute the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation

Anne Caroline Gaillarddeputy of the front of all and president of the Impeachment Commission, was the first to speak. “I will guarantee that this commission conforms to what the National Constitution establishesthe regulations of this Chamber and the specific internal regulations of this commission”, said the deputy.

“The political trial is not a criminal trial”, he clarified. The debate occurred with strong crosses between the ruling party and the opposition. At the meeting, the Mendoza deputy from Pro Omar De Marchi directly targeted President Alberto Fernández.

“I think this is a staging offered by the president. He is the main promoter of this circus that they give us daily”, he shot. The person in charge of answering him was the legislator of the Frente de Todos German Martinez.

For a psychiatrist expert, the rugbiers’ statements were “more of a mockery than a regret”

“We do not come to mount a circus, It caught my attention that they promoted it is the same thing that the newspaper La Nación says today, ”he retorted. The twists and turns of the first day ended with the analysis of the complaint files.

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