“Thank you Mauricio”: the PRO statement, now without Macri as a candidate for President

After the former president Mauricio Macri announces that he will not be a candidate for president in the 2023 Elections, putting an end to the speculation, the news did not take long to have repercussions within its political space and several messages of support and celebration emerged, including an official statement from the PRO.

“Thank you Mauricio! Being part of a space means knowing how to play as a team and giving rise to new voices. This decision honors us and represents us”stated the publication that confirms the support for the former president’s decision by the space chaired by patricia bullrich.

Macri got off: he will not be a candidate for president in this year’s elections

Likewise, the sustained statement: “Thus, the possibility opens for a new generation of leaders to compete freely and healthily to decide who will lead the team that will follow the path of change that we started in 2015″.

We are convinced that Argentina needs leaders like Mauricio’s. That they work tirelessly with a great commitment to defend the values ​​that unite us and represent us, and that prioritize the interests of the country and the construction of a better future,” the document states.

Patricia Bullrich also praised Mauricio Macri: “This confirms his greatness and generosity”

Along the same lines, from space they stated that “they firmly believe that the teams achieved the changes and that ego-driven messianic leadership gets us nowhere“.

“Since its beginnings, the PRO was conceived as a party of the people for the people, with a vocation for change and transformation. That is what guides us and will guide us in the years to come, ”he added in the post.

In this regard, from the PRO they concluded: “We highlight the teaching that leaves us and the path that marks us (Mauricio Macri). We count on your full support and experience. so that the government can promote the changes that the next Argentina needs”.

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